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Calgary Inspections & Field Services

When it comes to inspections and field services, experience, precision, and attention to detail are crucial. At BRT Consulting, we’ve been providing high-quality structural inspection services since 1993, with a proven track record for delivering exceptional results.

You don’t want to take anything for granted when it comes to having your building or equipment inspected, so connect with us and find out how we can make a difference.
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Structural Engineering

Professional Structural Engineer Inspection

A structural engineer inspection is a complete examination and assessment of the structural components and systems of a building. We will perform a structural engineer inspection to evaluate the condition, safety, and integrity of a particular structure to ensure it meets relevant building codes, standards, and regulations. We can do inspections for a variety of different situations, including:
Property purchases
Renovation projects
Post-disaster assessment
Construction quality assurance
Assessing the condition of an aging structure
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Reliable Engineer

Reliable Engineer Inspections

We also offer engineer inspections that will help identify faults or defects that may create an unacceptable risk. These inspections help to assess the condition, quality, compliance, and safety of different structures, systems, or equipment.

Reasons we may conduct engineer inspections include:
To ensure safety standards and regulations are met
For quality assurance
To determine structural integrity
For zoning and building code compliance
To identify maintenance needs
To check for appropriate fire safety measures
To identify potential risks or hazards and implement appropriate mitigation measures
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Field Service Engineering

Field service engineering focuses on providing services, maintenance, and technical support on-site. We provide field service for a wide variety of different machinery, systems, and equipment to help solve problems on location when professional attention is required. Our field service engineers are highly trained and have a vast range of experience when it comes to installation, maintenance, repair, documentation, and customer service.

Additional areas we cover include:
Equipment installation and setup
Maintenance and repair
Issues covered by warranty and service contracts
Upgrades and modifications
Calibration and testing
Complex system integration
Data collection and analysis
Equipment or system customization
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Why Choose Us?

Working with our team of inspection and field service experts means you'll have access to the highest quality services in the industry, plus all the support you'll need to have total peace of mind. Our crew in Calgary, Alberta has built a strong reputation for professionalism and attention to detail with a large sample size of successful projects in diverse industries such as oil and gas, T&D substations, renewable energy, and specialized engineering. We are completely dedicated to providing you with the results you need from your first consultation until we finish the project.

If you'd like to find out more about our inspections and field services, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at BRT Consulting today so we can get the process started.
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