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If you have a project that requires high-end civil earthworks service, you can trust BRT Consulting to deliver the results you need. Whether it’s a T&D Substation, an oil & gas job, or another type of construction project, our experience and industry expertise will ensure the earthwork is done safely and efficiently. We’ve been exceeding client expectations since 1993, and we’re eager to work with you.
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Components of Quality Earthworks Construction Services in Calgary

For high-level earthworks, there are a number of different activities and components involved. Here's what's included in comprehensive earthworks construction to ensure every project is completed safely and according to specifications:

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Removing soil, rock, and similar organic materials from the ground to create the space needed for the construction project.
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Shaping the ground for the ideal elevations, slopes, and contours to ensure proper drainage and overall site stability.
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Adding rock, soil, and similar materials to raise the ground level or fill depressions.
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Compressing the soil or fill materials mechanically to help increase their density and improve load-bearing capacity.

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Cut & Fill

Using excess soil from an excavation to fill areas of lower elevation on a construction site. This helps minimize the need for soil disposal.
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Erosion Control

Measures that are implemented to help prevent soil erosion and sediment runoff.
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Site Preparation

Preparing the site for a variety of utilities, such as sewer, gas, electrical, and water.
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Geotechnical engineering

Conducting soil tests and providing recommendations on factors such as bearing capacity or soil suitability.
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Surveying & Geomatics

Measuring and mapping a site's topography to enable construction teams and engineers to plan and execute earthworks construction with the best precision possible.
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Water Management

Effective water management during earthworks construction is critical because it significantly impacts the safety, quality, and efficiency of the entire construction project. Proper water management helps to control the distribution and flow of water, which minimizes potential issues and ensures the process is successful.

When we work on your earthworks project, we conduct the necessary site assessments and implement water management best practices that include designing the appropriate drainage systems and monitoring water levels and flows throughout the project. We believe in a proactive approach when it comes to any water-related challenges, so your projects proceed smoothly with minimal environmental impact.
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Working with Our Team of Experts

When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that your earthworks construction is in good hands. We have a vast range of practical, real-world experience with industry-leading engineers and construction experts who are dedicated to providing you with the service you need to get results that are second to none. We will always do our best to work within your budget, and our primary goal is your 100% satisfaction.

For more information about our earthworks construction services or any of our services, reach out to us today at BRT Consulting in Calgary to find out what we can do for you.
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