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O u r  T e a m

BRT Consulting Limited was incorporated in 1993 in Calgary, Alberta and is owned and operated by Brian Smit, P.Eng. with over 26 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Sector, Substation and Transmission Industry and Industrial/Commercial Industries.

Brian Smit, P.ENG
Principal / Structural Engineer
Elham Mikhael, P.ENG
Structural Engineer
Jordan Smit, E.I.T.
Structural Engineer
Leah Smith, P.ENG
Structural Engineer
Bryan Huggins, P.ENG
Structural Engineer
Keno Carty, A.T.
Akiem Carty  A.T.
Travis Smit
Project Manager
Crystal Oates
C.D. (Cody) Johnson
Business Development Manager
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