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M o d u l a r  P r o j e c t s

BC Hydro Generating Facilities Upgrade


CLIENT: Omicron Construction

LOCATION: Fort Nelson, British Columbia

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: 800 sq. ft. 14 unit two story module steel framed nonfabricated on-site and designed to minimize in-field construction time.

Nova Chemicals R3 – Finishing Control Building


CLIENT: Nova Chemicals Corporation

LOCATION: Joffre Lake, British Columbia

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: 360 sq.ft 2 module one story blast resistant complex steel framed non-combustible c/w fire-rated exterior wall complex. Supply & Install.

Battistella NUDE Development - Sales Center


CLIENT: Battistella Developments

LOCAITON: Calgary, Alberta

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: 40' X 40' Modular 4 unit sales center located on 1319 14th Ave SW.

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