S e r v i c e s  O f f e r e d

Structural Steel

Oil & Gas

  • Process skids, modules, pipe racks, platforms, walkways, stair towers and misc. steel.

  • Trailer and mobile equipment.

  • Thrust block design for water and process piping..

  • Flare stack, tower, vessel support systems.

  • Rigging assemblies/studies, overhead cranes, transportation modules/studies.

  • Travel/fall restraint systems.

  • Fuel and liquid storage tanks.

  • Connection review / design

And way more!

Transmission & Distribution - Substations

  • Electrical substation structures

  • Connection review/design

  • Distribution Systems

  • Control Buildings

  • Foundations & Earthworks

The sky is the limit with BRT Consulting!


BRT Consulting's structural steel designs may be customized for commercial or industrial modular purposes. From modular & conventional wood building to modular & conventional blast resistant buildings, BRT Consulting does it all!

Renewable Energy

Through BRT Consulting's diverse reserach & development project, we strive to adopt revolutionary sustainable practices covering all field of work.

  • Wind Farm
  • Solar