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Project Management

Can the artwork be made of mixed media

Yes we will accept artworks of mixed media, from cotton wool, googly eyes to metallics and glitter

What size does the artwork need to be?

We recommend that the artworks are A4 in size any larger will end up becoming folded in our return envelopes. Also artworks of a larger size when reduced can make details more difficult to view..However due to our artworking setup we are able to take A3

Why are there codes on the order forms?

These codes are unique references to each artwork so must not be photocopied. Chameleon Create will not take responsibility for artworks that are not matched due to photocopied forms. Parents will be warned not to photocopy when using the site. If you require additional codes these can be emailed or posted out to you at no extra cost.

What admin will be required?

As parents are paying through our payment gateway you will not need to keep a record of payments and send a cheque to Chameleon. We will post you forms and posters and arrange a collection date for artworks that suits you. Chameleon will provide you with a control centre. From here you can be as involved in the project as you wish. You will be able to monitor funds that have been raised. You will not be required to use these functions they are just optional extras depending on how you would like to orginse the project.

Can I receive a sample ?

Of course. Just request one via the link at the top of our website.

What is your returns policy?

Our quality control team endeavour to ensure that the cards leave at a high quality. However if there are any errors parents will be able to inform us through our online chat or email. Our claims team will review it and send out goods to a home or school address.

Will artwork be returned?

Yes, all artwork will be returned with the finished goods.

Is there a charge for taking part or cancelling?

No there is no charge for taking part. We will send you everything you need to get the project going and will collect the artworks and deliver the goods at no charge. There is no cost for cancelling either. If you are able to inform us of a cancellation this will help us ensure you are not on the mailing list for that project.

Is there a non Chirstmas version?

Yes we can provide standard posters and forms that do not mention christmas. As parents select / create their own greetings they are able to have any wording they like printed on the inside of the cards.

Can more than one artwork be submitted per child?

Yes of course. They will require a different order form on the back though. We will provide you with additional order forms. If you require anymore simply let us know and we will get them sent out to you.